Our intention is to capture our present, our human condition. Everything around us. Some say better times will never be, some say better times are yet to come. For us, there’s only one moment. Constant and never ending. For that moment, we praise.

We call it The Joy.

Our Zines.


The Joy zine is a compilation of black and white illustrations from artists from our collective. It is the gravitational center that sets peripheral atmospheres for our collective work.

The Joy. Issue N.1. Illustrations by Clea Eppelin, Marco Kelso and Tomo77. Yellow cover, bond paper, 32 pages, offset. $6

The Joy. Issue N.2. Illustrations by Clea Eppelin, Marco Kelso and Tomo77. B&W cover, bond paper, 32 pages, offset. $6


“Las Power is about my relationship with all the women that I am. The women that walk with me everyday, that fight with me everyday for our place in this world." Illustrated by Clea Eppelin.

Las Power. Issue N.1. Illustrations by Clea Eppelin. B&W cover, bond paper, 16 pages, xerox. $5

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Where to find our zines.

Push/Pull (Seattle). Spearheading the underground comic movement. map

Libros Duluoz (Costa Rica). Small independent bookstore with top of the notch selection. map

Buhólica (Costa Rica). Young editors and a very fine selection of shiny gems. map

Elliot Bay Book Co. (Seattle). Best indy bookstore in town. map

Swerve Zine Library (Seattle). Gypsy-like, itinerant zine library with rare gems. 

Denki Records (Costa Rica). Underground record store in hip Escalante. map


Audio & visual

The Joy E.P.


The Joy EP is Fanque's sound landscapes that accompany  each new issue of The Joy. To listen to the project click on the image or on this link to go to our bandcamp.


Cerca (Close). Short film. 2015. 16'


Clea Eppelin's short film explores the relationship between a mother and her three daughters is explored in this lyrical and poignant meditation on growing up. Best Short Film at FICR15.

Written, directed and produced by: Clea Eppelin
Production Assistant: Marco Kelso
Music: Pablo Rojas, Marco Kelso y Ana Laws




Lorem Ipsum. Breves anotaciones sobre la historia del diseño gráfico en Costa Rica.  Museo de Arte y Diseño Contemporáneo de Costa Rica. Curated by: Daniel Soto Morúa. From June 14-Set 01, 2018 


About the collective

The Love & Anxiety Collective is a group of Costa Rican artists from different disciplines, that come together under The Joy manifesto, to create work that expresses, from our point of view, the current state of our human condition.

 Clea Eppelin. Filmmaker & illustrator. @cleaeppelin

Clea Eppelin. Filmmaker & illustrator.

 Tomo 77. Designer & illustrator @tomo77

Tomo 77. Designer & illustrator

 Marco Kelso. Designer & illustrator @marcokelso

Marco Kelso. Designer & illustrator

 Fanque. Musician & designer @fanque

Fanque. Musician & designer

 Longina León. Producer @edgina

Longina León. Producer


Your support makes a big difference

We are an independent art collective. We are not affiliated to any organization and our publications are funded by us. Your contributions are highly valued as they allow us to keep publishing and distributing our work.

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